Challenges Posed To Car Drivers On The Road With Large Trucks

Highway accidents are never a good thing but those that involve trucks are even worse. It is just a fact that truck collisions are of an increased magnitude.

Motorists who are unfortunate enough to have an accident with a large truck have a greater chance of suffering injuries, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Here are three reasons why car drivers should be extra concerned if they have an accident with a truck.

  • Sheer Size of Trucks

The size of trucks makes their accidents worse than those involving cars only. The force of truck accidents magnifies because of their size. When encountering a truck, cars can experience serious damage, increasing the chances of driver and passenger casualties.

Furthermore, because they occupy so much road space, trucks make it difficult for even the best motorists to navigate the road. Someone who has never had an accident previously may unfortunately be unable to maneuver his or her car away from a collision when running beside a truck.

  • Multi-Vehicle Crashes Often Result

Truck accidents can often result in multi-vehicle damage. The laws of physics help explain this phenomenon. Because trucks are so large, the force of the collisions increases because of their mass. Consequently, smaller vehicles in the proximity of a truck accident can get swept into the fracas as well.

  • Drowsy Truck Drivers Behind the Wheel

Trucks are responsible for a large amount of the nation's commerce. There is no other efficient way to get goods to faraway locales.

With so much riding on their shoulder, some truckers push themselves to the physical limit. These men and women are only human; yet, they are expected to work long hours, at all times of the day and night.

Unlike other drivers, when a professional trucker feels drowsy, they cannot pull over at rest stop or rent a motel room for the night. Getting America's goods to market requires staying on the road. Unfortunately, these drivers can become a road hazard to those around them if too drowsy.

Contacting an Auto Accident Attorney

Car drivers need to get help after any road accident. As shown here, they need to be extra vigilant after an incident with a truck.

A personal injury attorney experienced in handling auto accident cases is the best source of current information. These experts know how to investigate the causes of a highway accident and assess blame.

If the truck driver was negligent, the auto accident attorney may decide to file a claim to recover damages. Doing so early comes advised because the judge will want to see evidence that physical injuries and vehicle damages are direct consequences of the accident.

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