Premise Liability: What Is It, Common Causes And Common Premise Liability Injuries

Property owners have an obligation under state, local and federal laws to keep their land and building safe for those who are conducting business there and authorized visitors. These premise liability laws are in effect to protect innocent people from suffering personal injuries. If an injury occurs to someone while they are on another person's property, the property owner may be liable for the injuries, if it can be proved that the injuries were caused by negligence.

If you were injured on someone else's property, a personal injury attorney may be able to help you file a claim against the property owner for compensation for your injuries.

Most Common Causes of Premise Liability Accidents

Premise liability injuries can happen on either private or public property. The owner of the property has a duty to provide a safe environment for those who are invited onto their property. Some of the most common causes of premise liability cases typically arise from:

  • Defective sidewalks, such as failing to repair cracks and/or deep crevices
  • Insufficient security, such as not replacing light bulbs in a dark parking lot
  • Slip and fall cases, such as if snow or ice is left on walkways
  • Electricity and/or electrocution due to defective electrical wiring
  • Staircase accidents, such as missing handrails and/or uneven risers
  • Poor construction, shoddy materials and/or building code violations

Proving Unsafe Conditions

In a premise liability case, the personal injury attorney and the injured party must prove that the property owner either:

  • Failed to maintain the property
  • Created unsafe conditions which caused the injuries
  • Was not careful in the regards to unsafe conditions that may attract children
  • Knew about an unsafe hazard, but failed to alert you of the hazard
  • Purposely took actions that resulted in neglected conditions which caused damage to neighboring properties

Most Common Types of Premise Liability Injuries

Many premise liability injuries can cause significant injuries, including fatal and/or life threatening injuries. In many situations, people who experience an injury due to a premise liability accident may suffer with pain from their injuries for the rest of their life. For example, a head injury from falling on a broken staircase may lead to lifelong headaches and/or back pain. Some of the most common injuries resulting from premise liability accidents may include:

  • Neck injuries
  • Burns
  • Broken bones
  • Head injuries
  • Electric shocks
  • Drownings
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Dog bites and/or mauling
  • Poisoning due to exposure of toxic or hazardous substances, such as lead or mold

If you have suffered injuries that you believe may be due to the negligence of someone else, a personal injury attorney may be able to file a premise liability lawsuit on your behalf for compensation of your injuries. Compensation may help you recover the costs involved in your medical bills, disfigurement, lost wages, and/or emotional stress you may have suffered.

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