The Ins And Outs Of Filing For Workers' Compensation

If you had gotten hurt while working and your doctor tells you that you are no longer able to perform your job, you will most likely consider filing for workers' compensation to make up for the lost wages you will experience as a result. Workers' compensation is a program put into place to protect those who get injured on the job, allowing them to continue to get money to live on and help pay off their medical expenses. Here is a summary about what you should do after you get hurt to ensure you get the money you deserve.    

Be Timely In Filing

Right after you get injured, it is important to see a doctor right away to assess condition. If you are deemed unable to return to the job, your doctor will give you notification to be handed into your place of employment. At this time, you will want to fill out the paperwork needed to enroll for workers' compensation benefits. Each state has its own set of guidelines in how long you have to file. Most are within a month or two of the incident, so it is imperative you file immediately after receiving word you will not be returning to work. 

Know How To File

The paperwork to file can be obtained through your employer, from your doctor, or through your state workers' compensation webpage. The best way to get your paperwork, however, is through your employer as you will be able to let them know you intend on filing instead of doing it without their knowledge. If an employer finds out when they receive word from the workers' compensation board, they may retaliate and try to deny the payments, possibly hanging you up for a while without compensation. Rather than take this risk, inform your employer yourself of your intentions. The paperwork will need to be mailed to your states workers' compensation board for review.

Make Sure To Follow Orders

It is important to follow all recommendations your doctor gives you pertaining to your injury. If you need to take medication, make sure you have your prescriptions filled on time, every time. Failing to follow orders can possibly lead you to a rejected workers' compensation claim as it will appear you are not as hurt as you really are. If you receive word your claim has been rejected, you may be able to overturn the ruling by hiring a workers' compensation lawyer to look into your case.  

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