Simple Things That Could Expedite Your Immigration Case

If you are an immigrant, you likely have a desire to expedite your immigration case. You may have been told by friends or other well-meaning people that there is not a way to expedite the process, but you will be delighted to know is false. There are a few things you can do to ensure that your case goes through the legal process as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that certain circumstances may expedite the process even more; however, do not get discouraged if your immigration case is a lengthy one. The following suggestions and circumstances may benefit you if you meet certain criteria and have a desire to expedite your immigration.

Avoid filling out your own paperwork.

If you desire to expedite your immigration case, one of the most important things you need to do is ensure that the paperwork submitted is error-free. Submitting paperwork with errors, on the wrong forms, or on outdated forms could result in the paperwork being returned or rejected. This means that you will need to either fix the mistakes if it is allowed and resubmit. You may also find yourself having to refile your immigration paperwork which could delay rather than expedite the process.

File paperwork with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), and use the premium processing option if you meet the criteria. 

The premium processing option with the USCIS costs more. This is an ideal option option for immigration cases that involve certain types of employment. Premium processing requests are filed on form I-907. The form is not ideal for expedited requests for families or individual cases that are not related to employment.

Contact USCIS.

After your paperwork is filed, there will be an initial waiting period. If you did not meet the criteria for premium processing or did not request it, the wait can appear to be extremely long. You are at liberty to contact the USCIS to check the status of your case. Contacting them too soon will not expedite your case, and you will likely find yourself frustrated from calling them too much. Some people call them after a reasonable amount of time has passed, and they still end up being told that they will need to continue to wait. There are others who have had success with calling after sufficient time has passed and had agents that were able to assist them with making progress on the status of their cases. 

Use an immigration lawyer as a resource.

United States immigration laws are complicated. This is why it makes sense to include an immigration lawyer in your endeavor. Lawyers are familiar with how to complete paperwork. They may also know legal approaches to expediting cases that are not appropriate to file on form I-907. For example, a family or medical emergency that is expected to be lengthy and could interfere with you being available for your immigration appointment could be used as a reason to request expedited services. Lawyers will also be able to communicate with the USCIS on your behalf if they represent you. 

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