How To Give Yourself The Best Chance Of Avoiding An Initial SSDI Claim Denial

The truth is that many social security disabilities claims are met with an initial denial. You can, and should, appeal. However, if you want to give your SSD claim the best chance to succeed the first time around, pay attention to the following tips.

Your Medical Documentation is Your Strongest Piece of Evidence

One of the top reasons for an initial denial has to do with a lack of medical documentation. Keep in mind the decision for most cases hinges on medical evidence.

If you don't supply enough information, then you're deemed able. If you submit the wrong medical evidence, it can make it seem like you have a limited disability, or one that will not last for long.

You want to supply the SSA with a very detailed look at your current condition, future prognosis, and all the steps you've taken to deal with your condition. Your condition must match one of the named SSA's named conditions. You have a better chance of that happening by submitting all of your medical documentation.

Follow All Prescribed Medical Treatments

In addition to supplying your medical documentation, make sure you follow all prescribed treatment methods. The SSA can deny a claim because

  • you didn't go through prescribed treatments;
  • you didn't take recommended medications;
  • or you didn't attend suggested follow-up visits with a medical professional.

Make sure you do everything your physician tells you to. Keep the documentation for all visits and prescriptions. You can supply that documentation with your other medical documentation.

Keep Your Contact Information Up to Date with the SSA

Denials can occur simply because the SSA couldn't contact you. You should make sure that you keep your information up to date at all times. If you move or change your phone number, you should contact the SSA to let them know immediately.

Cooperate with the SSA and Medical Facilities

Do not avoid the SSA, or any of their correspondence. Answer all calls promptly. Follow up on all letters, and fill out all forms sent to you. If they ask you for documentation, provide it immediately. If they ask you for a meeting, show up on time.

Enlist Professional Help

If you want to get everything right the first time around, then you should contact a lawyer that deals with SSDI claims. Even if it's just a consultation, some legal guidance can make all the difference. If you receive a denial despite all your efforts, you should absolutely appeal. A lawyer can help you with that part of the process as well. Contact a law firm like Duncan Disability Law SC for more information.

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