3 Things That May Delay Your Disability Claim

When your disability claim or check is delayed, it can really wreak havoc on your finances. The claim process is complicated, and it often takes time to get all the needed paperwork into the claims office. However, sometimes there's a specific reason why they're delayed, and you may need the help of an attorney to get things moving. Here are three reasons why your claim may be delayed.

The insurance company is slow:

While there are legal time limits on how long claims can be reasonably delayed, some claims offices still make things difficult. Some of the reasons for the delay may have to do with paperwork. The claims office may say that they are waiting on a certain document from you, your doctor, witnesses, etc. Even when you know that you sent in all the right paperwork, they may claim that they never received it or there was something wrong with it. These kinds of tactics are perfect for an attorney to handle to get things moving.

Not responding or filing in a timely manner:

There is often a time limit to apply for disability, and delaying, without good reason, can slow down your claims case. Applying also means filling out a lot of different documents, all of which have deadlines. Many documents are only delivered by mail, so it's important to keep up with them and respond to them in a timely manner. Some documents, such as a claims rejection letter, have a specific time limit for appeals. However, if you have a good reason for not responding, you may be granted an extension. If you can foresee any delay, contact the claims office or your attorney to get an extension ahead of time. That way you can keep your application open and reduce further delays.

You didn't get a medical exam:

You claim can be delayed if you didn't go to your scheduled medical exam. If you had a good reason for skipping the exam, then they may reschedule you for a later date which would delay your claim even longer. Another related reason for a delay is if you didn't follow your doctor's orders in regards to your disability. However, if you had a legitimate excuse, such as the treatment being against your religion, then you may be able to appeal any denials or delays. One downside to not going through the exam or treatment in a timely manner is that the adjuster may make a determination on other factors which may not be in your favor.

When dealing with something complicated like filing a disability claim, it's important that you navigate the system with someone who knows it well. This is when a good lawyer can help you out, especially if you're not feeling well or are hurting.

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