Are Your Teens Asking For Bikes? How To Make Sure They're Safe While Riding On City Streets

The holidays are coming. If your kids are asking for bikes for Christmas, it's important that you consider their personal safety, especially if your teenagers are asking for bikes. Teenagers are more likely to head farther away from home on their bikes, which means they'll be at a greater risk of being involved in a car versus bicycle collision. While you can't stop your teenagers from getting out and exploring the community on their new bikes, you can take steps to protect them. Here are three important steps you can take to help keep your kids safe while they're riding their bikes.

Provide Them With the Right Safety Gear

Each time your kids ride on public streets, they'll be at risk of being struck by a car. Knowing this risk, it's important that you provide them with the right safety gear. When you give your kids their new bikes, make sure you provide them with the proper safety gear. The most important piece of safety gear they should have is a safety helmet, one that fits them properly. However, they should also have reflective tape on their bicycle pedals and a light for the rear of their bike. The reflective tape and light will make it easier for motorists to see them in the dark.

Enroll Them in a Bike Safety Class

If your kids are going to be riding their bikes on public streets, it's important that they understand the laws and basic bike safety. Before your kids start riding their bikes around town, make sure you enroll them in a bike safety class. These classes will help your kids understand the laws that apply to them while they're riding their bikes. Plus, they'll also teach your kids some tips on how to maneuver through traffic and avoid collisions with vehicles. If you're not sure how to find a bicycle safety class, contact your local law enforcement office. You can also contact a personal injury attorney, such as Clifford Raihala SC, who specializes in bicycle versus automobile accidents. They can provide you with information on how to help your kids avoid accidents, as well as help you understand what you'll need to do if your kids do happen to be struck by a vehicle.

Make Sure They Take a Phone Wherever They Go

If your kids are old enough to take off around town on a bike, they're old enough for a cell phone. In fact, if your kids are going to be riding around town on a bike, they'll need a cell phone on them at all times. Providing your kids with a cell phone whenever they leave the house on their bikes will ensure that they have a way to contact you should they be involved in a collision.

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