Why Cash Bond Is Even An Option Where Serious Offenses Are Involved

A couple in Wisconsin have recently been charged with criminal neglect of a child wherein the 3-year-old boy died. Additional charges involving drugs were attached. Yet, even in the face of the seriousness of the charges, these two were given the option of cash bail bond. Why? 

The court is required to view everyone as "innocent until proven guilty", regardless of the heinousness of their supposed crimes. The couple from Wisconsin may not be guilty of child neglect, considering the fact that the little boy's mother was at work. The mother could just as easily have beaten the child and then left for work, leaving the boy in the care of the drug addicts. The law has to examine all angles to determine who is really at fault. Here are some other potentially shocking facts about courts and bail bonds:

A Bail Bondsman Cannot Refuse Service

If someone managed to raise the cash bail to spring either of the two people previously mentioned, the bail bonds agent cannot refuse service to that person. Sometimes part of the job of being a bail bond agent is being able to swallow your values in the face of an unpleasant situation. In this case, the bond agent is required by law to provide the requested service regardless of how he/she feels personally about the person or persons involved in a particular crime. 

If the Bond Agent Has a Standing Arrangement with the Court, He/She Must Follow the Rules

Some bail bond agents have standing arrangements with the criminal courts. These arrangements typically involve court referrals to these agents when family members are seeking bail bonds. The clerk of courts compiles a list of acceptable agents with which the courts have an arrangement. (This list is typically the one handed to you if you ask the clerk of courts for names of bail bond agents in the area.) In return, the bail bond agent follows the rules of the court with regards to bail amounts set, cash bail versus property bail, etc..

The Judge Assumes That No One Will Have Enough Cash for Bail Bond Anyway

A "cash bond" means that the judge is ruling that those charged with a crime are not allowed to leave prison without someone paying their bond amount in cashThis is a type of insurance for the court that these people will stay locked up when it is assumed that no one they know will have that kind of money. It is also a type of insurance for the bail bond agent because if someone does have that kind of cash and wants to release someone, the courts and the bond agent will not lose a dime over a bail jumper.

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