Arguing A Ticket With An Officer Vs. In Court

When a police officer pulls you over and will be issuing a ticket, you might feel like the officer made a mistake when issuing the ticket to you. However, the right time to argue over the ticket isn't when you are speaking with the officer issuing the ticket, but rather in court. In some cases, you might even be charged with a crime. 

Disorderly Conduct

Typically, how a motorist is charged with a crime when arguing with an officer is that he or she tends to be slapped with a disorderly conduct charge. If you are arrested for disorderly conduct, the charge typically does not stick, but this is still possible. The disorderly conduct charge is typically used so that you can be placed in holding until you calm down. 

If all you did was insult the police officer, the charges will not stick because they are protected under freedom of speech. However, you may be charged if you threatened the officer. But regardless of the outcome, you are better off focusing on arguing your ticket in traffic court or choosing to pay the ticket. Arguing may even cause the officer to give you a ticket rather than a warning.

Having a Ticket Dismissed

In many cases, a ticket is issued for a subjective reason. For example, the officer might have told you that you made an unsafe turn. You could argue that the turn was safe or that it might even have been necessary. In some states, you are allowed to even question the speed limit and the idea that you'd be able to travel slightly over the speed limit without committing a crime. 

In other cases, whether or not you will have to pay for the ticket will come down to whether the officer's version of the events is correct. For example, if you were supposed to stop at a red light and the officer claims that you drove through the red light, you might claim that the light was still yellow when you drove through it. You might assume that the police officer will always be assumed to be correct, but with the help of a traffic ticket attorney, you may be able to argue your case and have your ticket dismissed. For example, if you have witnesses that can attest that you didn't drive through the red light, this can be used to have your ticket dismissed. Photographs or a dash cam can also help support your version of the case.

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