Compensation Can Be An Option With Youth Sports Injuries

Injuries during youth sporting events are common, but sadly, the ability of families to receive compensation after these incidents is not necessarily as widespread. Particularly when it comes to large youth sports associations, there is a lot of red tape aimed at minimizing payments. However, there is a way for your family to be treated fairly; learn more here.

Liability Waiver 

During the signup process, you were likely required to sign a document that seemingly absolved the sports program from any liability related to injuries your child sustains. However, just because you signed this document does not mean that compensation is not an option. There is a great deal of gray area surrounding these documents so parents of injured children should not assume they have no options just because they have signed one of these documents. 

Safe and Secure Conditions

It is the duty of the sports organization, and their employees, to ensure that each child participant can train and play in safe and secure conditions. When this duty is violated, the organization can be held liable for injuries. For example, forcing children to train in extreme weather, such as intense heat, that leads to injuries is a violation of the organizations' duty to provide safe and secure conditions, which could leave them liable. 

Responsible Recovery

Even when a child is injured outside of the sporting event, if a sports organization does not participate in responsible recovery practices, they can be held liable for any future hardships. For example, if the physician's order outlines that the child can only participate in limited practices or games, but the team forces the child to play or train more, this is a violation of their duty, and could again leave them financially responsible for any issues the child faces concerning the issue.

Beyond Coaches and Staff

It is also important to keep in mind that when a child is injured, liability can extend beyond the coaches and other staff. For example, if the child is injured due to faulty equipment or due to unsafe playing conditions, such as a field that has not been properly maintained, the organizations responsible for these issues can also be found liable for the child's injuries, so it is important to have an attorney examine every aspect of the scenario. 

Speaking with an attorney is an important step in the compensation process. From working through liability documents to the settlement process, an attorney can help with every step of the process.

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