Has Your Child's Other Parent Never Paid Child Support Because You Lived Together But Moved Out? What To Do Today

As a parent, it is your responsibility to properly care for your child, and if your child's other parent doesn't give you child support, it's time to find a lawyer. Did you live with your child's other parent even though the two of you weren't married, and now that they have moved out, they don't give any type of support? Take action to get the funds you need fast.

A lawyer will be able to quickly file the paperwork. Here are some of the things to discuss with the lawyer at your consult.

Proof of Paternity

You will need to have proof that the child is who you claim. If they signed the birth certificate and their name is on it, this will be easy enough and the case can go on. If not, you will have to do a court-ordered paternity test. Your lawyer will file the paperwork and get this order set in motion, so you aren't delayed on the results of the test. Some parents will want to get out of paying child support so will refuse to pay until a paternity test is done.

Past Missed Child Support Payments

The courts may require the parent to pay back child support. There are some exceptions, like military personnel that have been deployed, or if the other parent can show they supported you.

If there is no reason for a lack of support, the courts may set a new child support amount for each month, and then also force you to pay for the entire time that the child has been alive, based on the laws in your state. You may not have the option to wave this either once the case is in front of a judge.

Current Support Request

You will provide your lawyer with the following things so they can come with an accurate amount to request for child support:

  • Your monthly bills
  • The child's activities
  • Your income
  • The other parents' involvement
  • Possible medical expenses

Your lawyer may see that you are paying some past-due medical bills from the child, or that there are other financial needs not being met. The attorney will take this all into consideration when they request set funds from the other parent.

Custody battles can get ugly, so find a lawyer that is ready to fight for you and your kid. Once the case is in motion, you will be closer to getting the financial help you need. 

For more info, contact a local child support attorney

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