Hire A Competent DUI Attorney To Argue Your Court Case For The Best Outcome

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a very serious criminal act in every state. You can cause death and injury when you are drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The consequences you face if found guilty on this charge will impact your life forever. You must hire a DUI attorney to handle your case. An experienced attorney will plead your case based on research of the facts as they relate to you. Never attempt to go it alone and act as your own lawyer in the justice system. Allow your DUI attorney to handle your plea and work on your behalf to obtain the best outcome.

Blood Alcohol Limitation

The law pertaining to drunk driving in the United States measures whether the degree of your impairment overrides the state's blood alcohol limit. Remember that the blood alcohol limit in every state is .08 percent. There are other considerations, along with blood alcohol level, that will influence the court's punishment of you in every state when you are found guilty of an act of DUI. Your age, prior DUI arrest, injury or death involved in your accident, is also taken into consideration.

How DUI Attorneys Defend You

Attorneys with courtroom experience examine all the consequences as they affect your specific case. Your attorney may come to the initial conclusion that you may only be facing minor punishment. The attorney will examine the case's legal angle and might advise you to simply take a plea bargain. However, you should not be making that kind of judgment without an attorney's advice. That is why you must hire an experienced courtroom attorney to handle the legal aspects of your case.

If you do not understand your rights in the state where you live, by all means find an attorney who knows the state's law as it relates to how punishment laws are meted out. You may face a penalty that could restrict your professional license to continue working. The attorney will work to see that your professional license is not restricted based on the law. You could also lose your motor vehicle license, but your lawyer can challenge that if your punishment exceeds what is allowable under the law.

Prior DUI Court Punishment

If you have already gone through the court system for more than one DUI charge and someone was injured or killed when you caused an accident, you should not hesitate to hire a veteran attorney.  Defending yourself in court instead of using a DUI lawyer is unwise. The court does not look kindly on defendants with a prior history of driving while drunk. Definitely turn over your representation to a qualified attorney who will argue and fight for a fair outcome in your case.

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