Nesting: An Alternative Living Arrangement For Divorced Couples

Getting a divorce can be a terrifying experience for children. Imaging taking the only life they know and splitting it straight down the middle. Divorce can often result in long-term psychological issues that children have to contend with for years. To help make the event less traumatizing, some parents are considering a nesting situation when it comes to child custody.

Nesting is a fairly new concept in which the family home is retained and the children live there full-time. The parents will each secure their own separate residences and travel to the children during their period of custody rather than having the kids move around from home to home. The term "nesting" refers to the children remaining in their nest, also known as their own home. This idea can really help prevent as much emotional trauma for the kids, but is it possible for you? Here are some things to consider:

Legal Issues with Nesting

One of the first things to consider with nesting is all of the legal implications that come along with it. For instance, some states may not see a couple as officially separated in the eyes of the law if you choose to nest. Therefore, it can cause problems when you need to divide assets and figure out child support and alimony payments.

You also need to consider the financial obligations with this arrangement. How will you handle paying the costs of the main home? The mortgage, taxes, and other expenses related to the upkeep of the home will need to be separated so that you are both able to come to an agreement on who will pay for what. You also need to discuss what happens if you decide to sell the home once the children are old enough to leave the home.

Expenses of Nesting

Another thing to consider is the cost of nesting. This situation can be more expensive than a traditional child custody arrangement, as each parent has to pay for the maintenance of two separate homes. It is not going to be an inexpensive option, but it is possible if you have the means.

Benefit of Nesting

If you are still considering nesting after your divorce, it is important to understand the benefit of such an arrangement.

Nesting provides a way for the kids to feel some semblance of normalcy. While both parents will not be at the home at the same time, it still feels familiar to them. It makes the family not feel as broken and instead creates a sense of stability, which is so important for children.

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