What If You're Unsure About Starting An Injury Claim?

When someone is injured, they don't necessarily jump right to filing a claim or suing. It's normal to be unsure about whether you'll need to file a claim and if you have the right to do so. A personal injury attorney services provider will tell you to be aware of these three issues, though, when you're unsure about pursuing a case.

Get Medical Attention ASAP

Any delay in seeking medical attention may be grounds for a rejection of an eventual claim. There's no downside in getting immediate medical attention so accept any care that an EMT might offer, for example. If you aren't treated at the scene, it's wise to visit an emergency room or a clinic as soon as possible.

Even if you're 99% sure your injuries aren't bad enough to justify a claim, let a doctor check you out. First, it's just prudent from a health standpoint. Second, if there is anything wrong, the doctor can document what the problem might be.

If you go to a doctor later, there's a good chance the defense in an injury case will question whether the injuries were from the incident. Get checked out and document everything with reports from the doctors.

Take Notes About What Happened

Once more, even if you're almost certain you won't file a claim, make a few notes about what occurred. Write down where the incident happened, who was there, and what the nature of your injuries was. Contemporaneous notes will be invaluable in jarring your memory if you do end up filing a claim a few months down the road.

Learn What the Statute of Limitations Is

For the majority of cases and most situations, the statute of limitations will be somewhere between two and three years depending on the state where the incident happened. The clock on most incidents starts on the date it occurred.

A handful of possible exceptions exist. The one most likely to work against your interest is that many states require claims filed against their agencies or designees to arrive within 6 months of an incident. Yes, that means you have very little time to figure out whether you want to file against a state.

Most other exceptions offer more time. For example, the limitation in cases involving exposure to chemicals, biological agents, or radiation doesn't usually kick in until you discover that you're sick. It's best to contact a personal injury attorney services firm, though, to ask what the statutory limit might be on your potential case.

For more information about personal injury attorney services, contact a local law practice. 

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